Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is a " BLOG"?

My daughter asked me what is a " Blog?"
This question came to be when I told her and her boyfriend that I created a blog page and that I was going to write in it. You see I started my own blog, Blog with Alberta Sport Artist Joe Versikaitis about two weeks ago. Here I will talk about Sport art, marketing, photography and yes a little bit of hockey.Yeah I know the name is a little long but what ever. I like it.
I thought a Blog would be kinda fun to create. It was so much fun that after I created my first blog page I created another blog page. This one I called Blog with my fellow Artist. In this blog page I want to encourage local artist to send me their works so that I can post it on my blog.  My madness behind this concept is that if I show case other artist work then hopefully they will return the favor by show casing my work on their blog. I'm just trying to create a artsy fartsy community. We'll see how it goes.
After all the reading and scrutinising of other blogs. I have come to the conclusion that this blogging business is really a place to write my diary about my life. I talk about my art work and how that particular  piece was created. I also bring in guest writers with marketing ideas and I try to promote a marketing guru by the name of Alyson Stanfield. Alyson has a great book called " I'd rather be in the studio ". For any of you artist out there that are interested in stepping into a career path as an artist then this book is a must.
 My stories about meeting hockey super stars like Teemu Selanne, Trevor Kidd and soon to come Theo Fleury and Sandy McCarthy is really the part of my art that keeps me going. If it wasn't for my dream to be an N.H.L. artist the reason for marketing and blogging would be none existence.
 So in saying all this, it seems that when people ask what is a blog. My response has to be this....
It's about writing what ever you want to write about, discussing a favorite topic with a person that you've never met before or in my case show casing mine other artist works. In all fairness Blogging to me is creating a community on a single web page where artist can come to visit...Simple!
Joe Versikaitis - Artist
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