Saturday, October 30, 2010

Medicine Hat, Alberta Western Watercolor Artist Gena LaCoste paints what she loves.

Design layout using Gena LaCoste Bull Rider

The Story Teller by Gena LaCoste

A Brush with Life... by Pearl Dubourt

Gena LaCoste paints what she loves. Gena has loved the grasslands from her first breath. She learned about the land and its unique ecosystems from her family, and this love has equipped her to paint the authentic lifestyles of prairie families. Now, Gena paints what she loves. "I was painting and drawing by the time I was three years of age," Gena recalls. "My early memories include the river at the cow camps, and the sounds of water sliding past. Dust, heat rising, the arid smells of sage brush, and the tones of light begged to be painted." Riding on her own horse to the cow camp with her father, for instance, etched images in her heart that she tries to record through colours and water. "I remember trying to find a way to draw a horse so that it looked like the ones in front of me."
For the rest of Gena's story and artwork go to Gena LaCoste

"Gena and I were in a Life Drawing art class together. It just blew me away on how quickly she worked and how her watercolor techniques created such beautiful art pieces. Just fantastic works." - Joe Versikaitis

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