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Playing It Forward - Point By Point By Alberta Artist Sandra Ward

Sandra Ward is an Alberta sports artist working in a pointillism style. Using ink as her medium, Sandra's goal is to create many works to help out charities. Her company is called Playing it Forward - Point By Point which raises money for charities through the sale of original and limited edition hockey prints.

"The Zone" Ink on paper drawing of Dwayne Roloson - Edmonton Oilers - 2009,  20 Limited edition prints.

 Sandra had the original framed so that the form core was exposed in order for the entire Oiler team to sign it for Dwayne. The Oilers had not renewed his contract the previous summer, and he was signed by the Islanders. Sandra was able to get in touch with him and sent the original to him as a gift. The team signature made it a gift from his mates as well.  He was thrilled beyond belief with the gesture and the finished product.  Sandra is sure that one day, he will pass it down to one of his sons.

Sandra asked Dwayne if he would be willing to sign the 20 prints for her and he had no issues at all. The prints were fed-ex'd to his home in New York and he signed all of them with a full signature, not just his 'hockey shorthand'.

Being that Sandra's art is for charity, she kept #20/20, and have kept the last number in all of her series.Sandra took the remaining 19 prints and donated them to various fundraisers across Alberta and into Ontario.The series is sold out and raised over $6,000 for a bunch of different charities.The piece took over 120 hours to complete.

Sandra was able to find donors for most of the frames, as they were able to get a tax receipt for it, and Sandra always mentioned their name in the sheet accompanying the picture.

Framing for this style is really crucial, and Sandra has an excellent framer in Sherwood Park who has been very supportive of this charity endeavour of her.

 " The Zone " by Sandra Ward
" Had a Dream " Ink on paper drawing of Ales Hemsky - Edmonton Oilers - 2010,  20 Limited edition prints.

Sandra presented the club with an idea for fundraising for their Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation and they agreed.

"Had A Dream..." is the result.  They were able to find Sandra a photo of Ales as a little boy and that is the faint little guy in the background. Mom and Dad's love the concept of the piece.  The Foundation had 20 prints made, again, Sandra kept #20/20.
Sandra was able to present Ales with the original as a gift from herself to him at Rexall Place on Dec 9, 2010.  Ales also signed the prints with Sandra on that day.
To date his prints have raised over $6,500 for various charities that the EOCF supports.

The piece took approx 170 hours to complete.  

 " Had a Dream " by Sandra Ward
"Gordie" Ink on paper drawing of Gordie Howe  Detroit Red Wings  - 2012,  100 Limited edition prints.
Sandra's father who lives with my Mom in Ontario suffers from Alzheimers.
Sandra had contacted Baycrest and their Scotiabank ProAm person in January of 2011 to see if they would be interested in a Roloson print as a prize for most money raised.

The conversation began and they commissioned me to complete the attached portrait.  The original was donated to Baycrest from Sandra. Sandra received a tax receipt which is all she wanted.
They had 100 prints made and these are being used as gifts to the teams that participate in the tournaments that raise the most money.
It has been one of the hi-lites of Sandra's life so far!

Sandra and her husband went down to the Sutton Place hotel in March of 2012 in Edmonton and meet with Mark and Gordie Howe. Gordie spent 2 hours signing each and every print.
The whole journey involved the Hockey Hall of Fame ( HHOF) trips to Vancouver.

Shaw interview Sandra for the tournament in Edmonton held March 2012. The interview can be seen here - Sandra on Shaw

 A presentation ceremony at the HHOF in Toronto in April of 2012 was the scene of the  induction of print #72/100 into the HHOF. This as you can imagine which was an amazing experience for Sandra. The ceremony can be seen here Hockey Hall of Fame print
You can also read all about the special presentation at  Gordie” will be displayed at Baycrest
Sandra also presented print #9/100 to the Howe Family and the original to Baycrest.

Almost a year to the day of the interview, Sandra's Dad was moved into long term care this past March.
Sandra's dad had no memory of the evening the next day. Very sad. He sure knew who Gordie was when Sandra introduced him to Gordie on the stage of the ceremony. These memories will be treasured for years.

People often ask Sandra why she doesn't charge for her work. They wonder what she get's out of it.  Well, truth be told Sandra cannot buy any of the wonderful, unbelievable things that have happened to her because of it.  
Some folks get it, others just cannot wrap their heads around it.

The " Gordie " piece took over 200 hours to complete.
" Gordie " by Sandra Ward

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(left to right) Artist Sandra Ward, Gordie Howe and Sandra’s father, Derek Ward, at the Hockey Hall of Fame.