Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini Goalie mask by Nate Gandt - Hockey in Art

I would like to welcome Nate Gandt to Blog with my Fellow Artist.
Nate is a Buffalo area artist with a huge heart for hockey. Being a Buffalo Sabres Fan, Nate is the kind of artist that is keen on demonstrating his love for the sport of hockey as well his love of art.

Nate latest work include Mini Goalie masks. These are hand painted. He has all NHL teams painted..

" The first time I seen these unique pieces of artwork I thought what a hell of an idea buddy! "
 - Joe Versikaitis

Calgary Flames

New York Islanders

Pittsburgh Penguins

Edmonton Oilers

Here is Nates story
" I remember collecting those mini goalie mask key chains but didn't care for just the team logo printed on the top so I got inspired to paint a design based on the team logo on each mask. no these are from years ago (early 2000's I think) so some logos will be outdated but i think some of them are pretty cool. Here's number 21, The Edmonton Oilers mini goalie mask." Nate Gandt

His art also include players such as
Roberto Luongo

Alex Ovechkin

Tim Thomas

If you would like to view more Nates work and Blog please visit Hockey in Art

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  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the positive feedback on the goalie masks I’ve been posting and thanks for including my work in one of your posts, it looks great! Keep up the tremendous work!